Behind the creative mind...

I was born and raised in Germany.
When I was 14, I developed a big passion for Ireland. So it was naturally for me to move to Dublin/Ireland when I finished school in 2001. I worked as an Au pair for one year and met my husband during that time. After my Au pair year, in 2002, I moved to Co. Armagh in Northern Ireland, where I have been ever since. I come from a textile background as my great-grandfather was a weaver in a craft community in Germany during the Bauhaus period. I always loved sewing but thought I should study Interior Design instead, which I did for three years.
In 2006 I graduated from The University of Ulster in Belfast. I then worked for a year as an Interior Designer and fell pregnant with my first daughter. The decision to stay at home was not easy but it was the best decision of my life. I grew up as a single child with a single mother, which was a very quiet and at times lonely life. I developed very early the wish for a “proper” family. Being a stay at home mum was therefore a good compromise for me. I now have two wonderful daughters, who are the reson why I want to stay and work at home. Sewing and creating beautiful dolls makes staying at home that little bit more exciting.
This is my journey as well as Lena’s.
Therese x

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